Fargate, Application Load Balancer, API Gateway, Docker

AWS Nomads #7: Using Docker and Fargate instead of Lambda for serverless services.

Let’s talk about containers.

AWS Nomads #6: This is a very quick assist for setting up secure server access to your static web content.

The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel. ~William Gibson

AWS Nomads #5: It is now possible to build sophisticated web sites and applications from your IPad.

Here we are back at the bar. But let’s us this ipad for something more interesting than reading the paper…

A recipe for fully dynamic browser apps

AWS Nomads #4: How to provide dynamic content and functionality to your web app. Everything here can be done from a mobile browser, and will cost less than a cup of coffee per month.

Serverless doesn’t mean no servers. It means more servers than you can imagine.

AWS Nomads #3: A quick win — a script to keep your Cloud9 / EC2 working directory in sync with your public S3 bucket.

They are smiling because their EC2 instances are in perfect harmony with their S3 buckets.

Cloud9 + S3 - Route 53 = Rapid Static Web Site

AWS Nomads #2: The scrappy internet app developer will always need a quick way to get static content flowing. Everything here can be done with a mobile web browser.

The Cloud is Here to Serve You
  • 1 web browser, mobile or otherwise.
  • 1 S3 bucket
  • 1 Cloud9 instance (which creates 1 EC2 instance)
  • 1 Internet domain
  • AWS Route53

Silly security graphic. Why not.

AWS Nomads #1. This is the first article in an ongoing series on AWS development for scrappy developers.

Step 1: Secure Your Root Account

Living the tech nomad lifestyle? Be ready with your VPN!

Part of an IBM mainframe system circa 1950. Plug and play had a whole different meaning back then.

Does your legacy app run on one of these?

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